Czechs eat carp on Christmas Eve and have been moving to the countryside in the quest of a national myth that village life is idyllic. Roma riots shook Slovakia after the government cut welfare. To go to Katerina's stories that aired on NPR search for Zachovalova on the following page.



  It is a success story. That is what researchers say about the medical treatment that can lower the transmission of HIV from mothers to their unborn babies. While HIV-positive women in New York State can get such treatment, it does not always happen. In HIV MOMS, a half-hour radio documentary, Katerina Zachovalova reports about the struggle to bring HIV-infected mothers to prenatal care. For an excerpt posted on Columbia's website, click here.


The Mormons are the fastest growing church in the United States, says the religious census based on the self-reporting of denominations. Missionaries are one of the reasons of the success. Here is the story about two Mormon missionaries in Brooklyn. To listen to the class broadcast on religion,including this story, click here.