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At Columbia, Zachovalova was awarded John M. Patterson Prize for her outstanding performance in the television magazine workshop.

Like most young New York City artists she struggles to find a unique voice and vision, but she is also a great granddaughter of one of the most famous artists in history. Her name: Sophie Matisse. Zachovalova pitched, co-produced and reported this story that explores what it means to be a painter and Matisse. A Czech version of the story was broadcast by Czech TV.

Typical take-out order for Wayne DeChirico -- chicken wings and a vat of grease. As the United States import more than half of its oil to meet its growing demand for gasoline, DeChirico found an alternative and broke his foreign-oil dependency. Zachovalova pitched and produced the story about this man who makes his own biodiesel, an eco-friendly fuel, from waste cooking oil. Czech TV broadcast the story in Czech.

New York's Bosnian community has increased tenfold in the past decade. Most were forced to flea their homeland plagued by the civil war between 1992 and 1995. Zachovalova has worked on a profile of a Bosnian woman who is using folk dance to heal the wounds. On this photograph, Sidika Lemes, a Bosnian imigrant herself, watches dancers of her troupe as they perform. As a field producer, Zachovalova shot, edited and co-reported the story with her classmate, Alyssa Litoff, for her writing and reporting class in December 2002.

Tough tackles, hard hits, precise passes. All you would expect to see on a football field. But there is something little different about New York Sharks. The team is all women, about fifty two of them. The most dominant player is the quarterback, Valerie Halesworth. Zachovalova co-produced this report about female tackle football and its attempt to make it in the world of professional sports.