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Until 1950s, the Lacandon Indians had been cut off from civilization by the Lacandon Jungle, currently the last piece of a rain forest in northern America. But the road built to their villages in 1980s has changed their lives. As the Lacandonians convert to evangelism, their traditional religion might die with this man. On the photo, Antonio Martinez shows leaves that he uses in old rituals in his temple. Zachovalova co-produced and reported this story with her husband and Slovak journalist, Roman Santur, in Chiapas, Mexico. It was broadcast on Czech TV in April 2003.




Zachovalova has produced and reported local news stories as a Prague-beat reporter for Prima TV, the third national TV station.



For her bachelor journalism project, Zachovalova has followed three Czech women in usually male professions: a gravedigger, a truck driver, and a blacksmith.